Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Another dream has come true! I finally have my roof top terrace!! My Sweetie and I found the perfect place for us the other day. It has one more room than we've got now, which means that we can have a guest room. It has a bigger balcony than we have now and a more proper kitchen, with a utility room AND it's got an 80 m2 roof terrace! It is a little bit further from the sea, but we still have a sew view, and it is still only a 20-25 minute walk down to the beach. There is a comunal pool though, and I've got my roof.

Friends of ours live in the same complex, but in the buildning next to us, they too have a roof terrace. I can feel a lot of sun tanning and barbequeing ahead of me.

So now I am packing! And we are moving sometime during the easter weekend. In only a few days time. Woohoo!

I took a suitcase full of my clothes up there yesterday. Now, it's uphill most of the way and even the suitcase wasn't heavy heavy it was not to play with at the end. Finally there I got up to the hallway outside our flat and I couldn't get in. I tried every key fifty times at least, but none of them would even fit in the hole, so I texted Sweetie and asked him how many keys he had. Turns out he had 6 keys and I only had 5. Crap. I put the suitcase in the storage room and walked back home. After a couple of hours Sweetie came home and we compared keys, and the key that he had and I didn't was not a door key put a post box key. Hmmm... Turns out I'd been trying to get into the wrong flat........ LOL

Sweetie and I went up there with a few more things later last night and got in, strange what the right key can do when it's the right door..... :D

Enjoy your lives out there! I am enjoying mine!