Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Diary - Birthdays

It is birthday week in our house this week. Past Sunday our little kitty had his very first birthday, today is my birthday, and on Friday our big kitty has his 4th birthday.

A lot of people don't like their birthdays, I guess because it reminds them they are getting older. I'm not like that though. I like my birthday, and I like my age. Every year is better than the year before in my world. Every year I have grown wiser and smarter, one way or another.

So far today I have stayed in bed, playing silly games on facebook, watching telly and answering congratulations from a lot of friends and  family. I love it when people congratulate me! And I am grateful for every single one of them.

Eventually I will get up of bed and do some exercise, probably the 20 minutes Zumba Express and an 8 minutes tae bo exercise. I have been doing them for the last couple of days, it doesn't take any time and I plan to keep doing them every weekday from now on. I need it and I like it.

Tonight we are going out for dinner at a very lovely restaurant in Fuengirola, called La Farola, with some friends. One of them has a birthday today too so it will be a joyful evening, as always when we meet.

My favourite ice hockey team, Brynäs, is playing a very important game tonight and as a present to me I am sure they will win. And I say thank you now, for the unexpected but great news I will be getting sometime during the day.

Have a great time out there. I am.


Monday, 19 March 2012


I had a brilliant day yesterday! We went to some firiends house for a roof terrace BBQ in the afternoon sun. The men (?) played videogames down stairs while us girls stayed up on the terrace, chatting and drinking Tinto de Verano on loungers all afternoon, until the sun set and it got a bit cold. See, that is what I want! I roof terrace! It has been my dream since I first came to Spain and I will have one in the next place I live, or I will not move at all! Roof terraces are not only for the sunny days, they are also for the warm evenings and nights. Imagine to lay up there looking up on the black sky where the stars are shining.

I want to have BBQs with friends and take advantage and enjoy the weather where I live. I want to dance up there, in my bikini. So, yes, I will have a roof terrace. Soon!

Today will be another brilliant day, I've got some bread (very low carb of course) in the oven, some washing in the machine. I will do some Zumba and clean the house. After a nice shower I will take the train, where I will do some writing, to IKEA where I will walk around on my own and look at what furniture I want for when we find our roof terrace place, and I will do some writing. Hopefully my Sweetie will turn up with a friend and we will walk around some more and hopefulle get a book case, or a cupboard for our livingroom. And I will take the train back home, while the guys go by car, and do some more writing.

Yes, this will be another brilliant day indeed.

Oh, and hopefully I will get a call from an agent saying we got a viewing on our dream house this week! Dream house being a place with a roof terrace and plenty of indoor space. :D

I wish all of you out there a brilliant day as well! Be well, love yourself, have fun and enjoy your life to the fullest!


Monday, 12 March 2012

Diary - A Word For My Friend

There is a strange feeling over my life today. I very dear friend of mine decided to end his life yesterday. He was the warmest, most loving and caring person, always spreading love and laughter around him. A whole little town, and more, is in chock and grief right now. I spent last night crying my eyes out, from love for my friends, love for my friends who found him and for the people who were closest to him. For the world's loss of a great man.

I look out the window and I see the bright sun shining warmly over the glittering Sea and I know that my friend is somewhere in the neighbourhood. Sitting on a balcony, drinking a beer, laughing about life.

I consider myself lucky having been his friend, having him as mine. I am grateful that I put a smile on his face and love in his heart the last time I saw him, in january. I am grateful I got to see him and spend some time with him. I am grateful for all the wonderful words he wrote to me after that day.

He told to me that I am missed and loved back home. I tell him now, that he is missed and loved back here.

I don't ask why, or how. The answers to those questions wouldn't make any difference now. The only thing that matters is that we should remember him for who is was, honour him by showing our love to our friends and family, enjoy our lifes as he couldn't but wanted to, and be as happy as we possibly can.

Take care of yourselves out there! Feel the love and spread it! Let it fly! Laugh! And make your dreams come true!

We miss you, Teddybear! <3

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I love me just the way I am! “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” - African Proverb

I few days a week I like to sing a love song to myself. Yes, you got it! To myself! Why? Because I love music, and I love to sing and whenever I sing I feel good. So I stand in front of the mirror and I look myself in the eyes and I sing to myself. And it makes me feel great. Usually I sing the song of the day more than once because it might take a while to get in to the mood and to really feel the words I am singing.


So what good does this do? Well, it tells me that I love me in a happy way, it makes me respect myself because if I am worth loving than, hey, how good am I!?? It makes me take a good look at myself with different eyes, like it is somebody else looking, and it makes me realise that I am pretty damn nice to look at. Even without my clothes on! (Yes, sometimes I am naked when I do it) It also makes me laugh because towards the end of the fifth time it gets a bit worn out and I start to make funny faces. And who better to laugh at me than me!!

When I sing I try to start by looking myself in the eyes, and then I try to list the good things about me and be grateful for those things, and I am talking about the physical things more than anything else right now. We are usually our worst critic and often tend to tell ourselves all the stuff we are not really happy about with ourselves and our bodys. When I do this I try to set a trend in my mind to see and to remember all the good things about me instead, because I know there is plenty of them. I just need to accept that and to be thankful for everything.

My choice of song today was Billy Joel and "I love you just the way you are". Brilliant lyrics to sing to yourself, or somebody else if you want to.

What do you do to make yourself feel better about yourself? Do you have a routine that helps putting you in the right state of mind to tell yourself how good you are? Tell me, maybe I can learn something from you.

I wish you all a good night/evening/day wherever you are, and remember to tell yourself how great and fantastic you are!



Monday, 5 March 2012


My day: I woke up, made myself some nice coffee with some cream in it (Sweetie didn't have time this morning, ususally he makes it for me), yummie, and I watch some Frasier and Undercover Boss on telly. I took the train into town and went for a coffee at the cafe where I work (spent some time writing while enjoying my lovely coffee (we've got the best coffee in town), and then to the bank where I had to stand in line for about 20-30 minutes (didn't check, don't care, was listening to music and playing games on my phone) and then I had a very nice walk home in the sun. I went grocery shopping and then home and got changed into my bikini and then I went down to the pool for some sun catching. I love lying on the lounger in the sun listening to music! I just only got back in and I think I might do some Zumba, or maybe make some lovely carb free (well almost) bread. I love that bread!

Anyway, my day has been great, because this is how I have chosen to live my life! Don't be jealous, get even!
I am sure my evening will be just as fantastic and I think tomorrow I will have another great day.

How was your day? Tell me!